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The young man behind Mowsem.

Our store was founded by my son, Montana, and myself, in 2017 in Georgia, USA. However, Mowsem was created years ago when Montana was a young teenager.

When Montana was 3, he was diagnosed with Autism. Part of his education and therapy included learning appropriate behaviors. One of the ways that helped Montana learn was through social stories. During elementary school he worked with his teacher creating social stories. She would help him with the words and Montana would illustrate the story.

The background of his t-shirt designs comes from a character that he uses to express his emotions, communicate, and as an emotional outlet. He has used his drawings of different characters throughout the years to express his emotions and learn appropriate behavior in social settings. 

Mowsem, the name of the store is the character Montana has used in the most recent years. Until recently he did not want to share his work with anyone. With the encouragement from his teachers, family, and friends he now feels comfortable sharing some of his work, and that's when we started working on his online store. He is 20 years old now and is still going to school. We are working towards a goal of being able to earn a little income now like others his age and prepare for a meaningful life outside of High School.

The quality of all my Mowsem t-shirts is exceptional. They wash well and have held their shape very well. I am so pleased!


Great purchase. Honest and fast. Try it and read the story of the boss.


I love my Mowsem shirts! The fit is great, they are super soft, and they are adorable!


Love it. Design more.


Whaaat!!! What a nice shirt! All I have to do now is point to my shirt...not say a word!


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