Our One Year Anniversary

Can you believe it?? 

It's been one year since Montana and I started this journey. It's truly unbelievable to me how time has flown by and as I look back to when we first started last summer I'm amazed by the support from our family and friends (and new friends) :) And how much we have learned in the past year working together.

When we first started in June 2017, I had no idea if we would receive any support, but I wanted to give it a try. And Montana was so excited to share some of his artistic work of Mowsem. Some of what we have shared have especially been eye-opening for me and brought back memories of when Montana truly struggled through his teen years. You see, the "Don't Panic" shirt was designed during a particularly hard time for Montana and also for me as I didn't really know how to deal with his anxiety at the time. Unfortunately, there are several Don't Panic drawings during this period. We will share them in time as I believe this is important to create an awareness that with Autism comes levels of Anxiety. 

As of now, Montana continues to draw Mowsem and create videos. He will share them with you when he is ready. Even I don't get to see his latest work. ;)

Now that you have read a little more about our story we want to take the time to express how grateful we are for your support in Montana's business journey! We are truly blessed! It has truly been a humbling experience and the excitement I get to see in Montana's eyes when he has sold a shirt fills my heart with happiness for him. I'm so proud of him!


With thanks and appreciation,
Montana & Alison

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