The Story Behind Mowsem

We would like to personally thank you for visiting our store! All shirt designs are by Montana, a young man with Autism, of characters that he enjoys drawing to express his emotions and to communicate with others. The store is named after "Mowsem" because he is the character Montana relates to the most and uses the most for his creative outlet.
Montana has been drawing different animations of Mowsem (sometimes referred to as Mr. Mowsem) since he was a young boy. Mowsem is an expressive character that is unique in that he seems to look like a bird, but also has a long tail like a monkey and can change colors like a chameleon. Mowsem also has friends that will be showing up in the store as well. Montana has always loved expressing his emotions through his drawings since he was a young boy and is a form of communication. He is very proud of his art and is excited to share it with you.
When Montana isn't drawing he loves to listen to bluegrass and spend time in Missouri hiking along the Alley Springs Mill. His favorite color is blue and he loves cats, monkeys, and lemurs. He also enjoys entertaining his mom and loved ones with his quirky sense of humor. :)
Montana is starting this new venture with his mom so that he can have a meaningful work life that he enjoys while building his future and contributing to society. We hope that by opening this store that it will also inspire others that you can use your talents as a creative way to earn income. We hope that you enjoy your shirts by Montana and thanks again for visiting! If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact us.